STOMP debuts at Radford University

This past Thursday, the critically-acclaimed theatre show STOMP came to Radford University. The show took the audience by storm; the audience spent almost the entire show cheering. The performance received a great turnout among faculty and students. The general consensus among the people I spoke with was that they absolutely enjoyed the event and would love to see it again.

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If you ever get a chance, go see them. They are fantastic! Photo by Zach Stapel.

STOMP encompasses contemporary rhythmic sounds as well as full-on choreography. The show also worked with a great balance of comedy and more serious moments. The comedic timing received an unprecedented response. One of the many reasons that the performance was widely praised was due to the high-risk nature of the acts that the performers engaged in. The audience knew that at any moment something could go wrong — someone might accidentally drop a broom or miss a beat, though they were so fine-tuned that not a single broom was dropped. The show seemed to flow effortlessly from one setting to another in subtle ways that signified the changes.

“I really enjoyed the comedy that was integrated into the show.” said RU freshman Bianca Billings “I was really impressed with the athleticism of the performers. My favorite piece was when they repelled from the set, because it was the loudest and had the most energy.”

Overall, STOMP was very well received. As a patron of the arts, I was greatly impressed with the experimental nature of the performance and appreciated the enthusiasm that the show brought to the audience. For most people, the event lived up to the level of awards that it has received. For the next several days after, all I heard throughout campus was how much people loved the performance and want RU to keep bringing more high-energy shows to campus.