Radcentric: Matthew Bagley, Radford’s hip-hop star

Today on Radcentric we talk with Radford University sophomore Matthew Bagley.

Bagley, known on stage as Alexander Mack, is an up-and-coming rapper whose music can be found on soundcloud. He sat down with us to discuss his influences and his opinion on the music industry.

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We discussed his writing process and what it takes for him to get his voice out there. He puts more of himself into his writing than he would ever have thought. He has put some very personal messages into his music. In the song “Typical Love Story,” he dives into his history of dating and says he purposely makes the song sound like it’s about one person in particular, but then tells that each line in the song is about a different relationship he’s had.

He told me about his writing process and whether or not you can truly love your work. He believes that to truly be the artist that you want to be, you can’t truly love your work. He says that the perfectionist in you won’t let you become complacent and that there’s always room for improvement.

The music industry and the current state of how music becomes popular also came up. We talked about how the iTunes music industry allows consumers to buy a single song, which makes it easier for someone who has a song with no real meaning become popular while an artist with a real story and a soul can basically go unnoticed.

Bagley has shows coming up on campus and in Blacksburg. The dates and times can be found in the podcast.

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