The art of cooking spaghetti

If you’re like many college students, you probably don’t know a lot about cooking. It may be a stereotype that college students subsist on ramen noodles, but it’s often true.

Yum, Spaghetti! Image from Creative Commons.
Yum, Spaghetti! Image from Creative Commons.

If you need a dish you can cook with relatively little cooking experience, spaghetti is right for you.
Spaghetti is enjoyed worldwide and is an extremely popular Italian dish. Spaghetti can be prepared with or without meat and thus is consumed by vegetarians and carnivores alike. Not only is spaghetti easy to prepare but it usually produces many servings and can be stored and refrigerated for later.

To cook spaghetti, start by boiling a pot of water big enough to fit your noodles. After the water comes to boil, add your noodles and wait for the noodles to cook properly. This part can be tricky because if you wait too long, your noodles will become limp, but if you stop cooking them too early they will be hard and chunky in spots. A good way to tell if your noodles are done is to take one out of the pot with a fork and throw it against a wall. If it sticks to the wall without falling that means the noodles are done — if it falls you may need to cook them a little longer. Of course, you can always pick a noodle out with fork and taste it to see if it’s done, just be careful to not burn your tongue.

For the sauce, if you’re going to add hamburger to the spaghetti, start by cooking it in a lightly-oiled pan on medium heat until done, then add your sauce. Set your burner to a low heat and let the sauce warm up.

For you vegetarians, if you’d like to add a little zest to your spaghetti try cooking some mushrooms to add into your sauce. Not only are mushrooms loaded with health benefits, they taste great too.

You can even experiment with different spaghetti sauces such as four cheese sauce and basil sauce. Get creative!

Remember, after cooking anything be sure to turn off your burners and properly store your food when you’re done with it. Enjoy!