Mock crime scene comes to RU on April 13

Photo by Alpha Phi Sigma.

Alpha Phi Sigma, the Honors Criminal Justice Society, will be hosting their annual mock crime scene event Saturday, April 13th. The mock crime scenes allow teams to compete in solving the crime, while at the same time gaining experience with forensics that may one day help them in their future occupations.

In last year’s mock crime scene, a young mother and her infant child were abducted by the child’s father and his friend. Team members assumed the roles of police officers while conducting the investigation. Members were allowed to question witnesses and suspects on site, call EMS, and remove any victims from the crime scene if they saw fit. The teams collected any evidence left at the abduction scene, along with evidence found at the holding site to determine what they believe happened at both areas. All teams were then given a week to review their collected evidence and witness testimonies before they reported their hypothesis.

In this year’s mock crime scene, Dr. Green’s graduate assistant has been found dead. To participate in this mock crime scene, please email Alpha Phi Sigma at Teams should have at least three members, but no more than six. The entry fee is $5 per person with the winning team receiving a prize.

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