Men of Standards: A gentlemen’s club

Suit up! Photo from Creative Commons.

Radford University is home to over 200 clubs and organizations; however, most of those recognized and those praised clubs and organizations are a part of Greek life. It has seemed to be the tradition throughout campus as well as in the surrounding areas until now. More clubs and groups are now beginning to get recognized for their hard work and activities throughout campuses such as ours. One in particular is the Men of Standards (M.O.S).

Men of Standards is an organization that supports young men who are striving to become better leaders on campus. Their purpose is to serve the community and lead by example while showcasing what it takes to be a “man”. The club’s motto is, “Living by standards, living by example.” It’s about time a group like M.O.S got some recognition; hardworking young men on a college campus are hard to find now-a-days and M.O.S has brought them all together to contribute to the greater good of the community.

This tight-knit group of men is led by President Doug Barnes and Secretary Anthony Bowling, who are both juniors at RU. Since they have been in charge of the club they have held several events such as “Getting Grilled” (An event where guys ask girls questions and vice versa about relationships, etc.) “Taste for Diversity”, “Anti- Bullying with Jordan Addison”, and speakers Cornell West and Tavis Smiley who spoke as part of Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Barnes recently received an e-mail from RU President Penelope Kyle saying, “Men of standards is to be commended for its efforts in providing additional opportunities for students to participate in an exciting and engaging campus life.” The Men of Standards are very honored and proud of this recognition.

“We are finally getting recognized after being here for six or seven years. It feels good,” says Barnes. Secretary Anthony Bowling said, “Not everyone gets to have dinner with P. Kyle, you know.”

Since being led by Barnes, the club has encountered many elite and prominent people on campus, including Dr. Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Ken Bach, Crasha Perkins and several deans on campus. Barnes and Bowling have also influenced many freshmen to become involved on campus. Colbert Osei-Owusu believes the club has enriched him in knowledge as well as respectability.

“This organization is fit to develop young men who stride and lead by example.  It creates programs to show images of what a man of standards looks like. We come together to show ways how men act. We want to prove that not all men are the same and that some have standards,” said Osei-Owusu

As the school year draws near the M.O.S will host their annual event, the Cotillion, which will also be their “1st Annual Right of Passage.” This is when they will announce the new members to the audience, commend them for their work and give initiated pins. The event will be held Sat., April 6th in Muse Banquet Hall from 8p.m. to 12a.m. There will be free food as well as a live DJ.

M.O.S is a group of young men that every college student should aspire to be like. They get involved on campus, lead by example and teach others how to be respectful and thrive in activities.