Norts, jorts and shorts

Photo from Creative Commons.

As the temperature is rising, so are the seams of everyone’s pants. After what has seemed to be a lengthy winter, spring has finally arrived. Everyone is showing off their newly tanned, spring break bodies by wearing a variety of highly fashionable gear.

Obviously shorts have been being worn for hundreds of years, but now there are multiple styles available to choose from. Depending on your own personal style, there are short shorts, bermuda shorts, and shorts that range somewhere in-between. Not only do the length of shorts differ, but the waist line as well. Instead of only having the option of a low-rise waist line, high waisted shorts are coming back into style from the 80’s. High waisted shorts are usually worn with a tucked in shirt so you can visibly see the high waist line.

What are norts?
Norts seem to be the “in” attire worn around campus even though people aren’t necessarily hitting the gym. Norts are a slang term for the mesh Nike shorts that are fashionable and casual, while also being comfortable and exposed. If you want to participate in this new fad, norts can be found at Dicks for around $30. Fortunately, if you’re not willing to pay such a high price for this lounging attire, you can buy off-brand look-a-likes at any department store for half the price.

What are jorts?
Jorts are a cheap, convenient, and crafty way to kick off your spring season wardrobe. These bottoms used to only be available by cutting off the bottom of your old blue jeans to wear as shorts, but they’ve become so popular that they’re now sold in stores. If you’re looking for this new frat look, you can purchase these jean shorts anywhere from the local Goodwill (for a very cheap price) to Abercrombie and Fitch ( a more expensive price option).

Because there is such a wide variety of shorts to wear, these options allow you to consume a more diverse wardrobe to explore your style. Having plenty of alternatives is highly recommended when it comes to being fashionable, especially while you’re trying to show off your new spring tan.