Radcentric: Writer/director Jake Wood

This week on Radcentric, writer/director Jake Wood comes on the show to discuss his involvement with “Making a Scene: A Night of One Acts.” As discussed in the last episode of the podcast, the one acts are being performed May 1-4. Jake is directing the dramedy “Sunday Night” by Julian Sheppard in the festival. The play is about a newly wedded couple that begin to go through immediate regrets about their decision to be married. The play has plenty of adult content and extremely likable characters.

Along with directing his first stage play, Jake also has a youtube channel where he uploads short films and other various videos. His most recent video is a short film titled “Until We Get it Right.” It focuses on a couple trapped in an endless cycle of replaying the same breakup until they, you guessed it, get it right.

Jake focuses mainly on comedic entertainment. He goes on to discuss his influences and inspirations in comedy, including the Zucker Brothers and Monty Python, just to name the more substantial ones. Another idol of Wood’s is writer/director Wes Anderson. He considers Anderson his biggest influence in his film making world. Not only did Jake delve into the more serious side of entertainment, but there were multiple times where the conversation kept resorting back to the movie “Drive” with Ryan Gosling. Seriously, it kept coming up.

Wood also teased another project he is working on and will hopefully have finished in the near future. It’s another comedy that involves a town-wide bet on a boy to see if he can sleep with a specific girl. The bet grows to an absurd amount of money, all of which is happening without the girl having any clue. Listen to this and more right here. As always, if you would like to be a part of the show, send an email to whimradcentric@gmail.com.