Minimum support of RU athletics

When someone first starts looking at a university, they look to see if they have their desired major. However, the second thing they look at is athletics and how big that program is. Why? School spirit consumes the student body. As we all know, Radford University doesn’t have the most impressive athletic program. Yes, people do come out to the events, but it’s not the high numbers the school would hope for. The only reason people go to athletic events is free admission, the occasional free t-shirt, or the infamous Harlem Shake. If being in a YouTube video for half a second gets a turn out then what else would? It’s obviously not the hard work and dedication the athletes put in.

Ask yourself: how many Highlanders have attended a Swimming and Diving team event? Why don’t we support each other like we should? I went to a high school where, even if students weren’t at the sporting events, they would still ask how games went. Here I’ve noticed it doesn’t even cross our minds. Why? It’s hard to explain, but I believe it’s due to the size of the school and the records of our sports teams.

RU woman’s volleyball. Photo by Carina Garcia.

Some may consider cutting out certain sports. The sport in question was the basketball team. When is the time to cut a team due to a poor record? The basketball team does win, but not enough to get a decent fan base. We are enticed with free merchandise and the chance to act stupid and wild for a minute and then leave.

The student athletes here work their hardest for the sport they’ve dedicated another chapter of their lives to, but they aren’t getting support from their fellow Highlanders. This is so mind blowing to me. Why won’t we even turn out and give two hours of our lives for students who dedicate way more than that for a game?

Many blame the lack of a football team here at RU for the shortage of care for university athletics, but honestly I feel that’s a poor excuse. We aren’t Virginia Tech, nor do we have a giant stadium, wealthy boosters or over 30,000 students. We do have an amazing community who will support us in times of tragedy, but why not in other times as well?

Despite the desire for of a football program here other than club, I truly feel we need to show our support for other athletics as well. I always hear people on campus saying that there’s nothing to do at RU. There’s always some sort of sporting event going on whether its basketball, soccer or tennis; there’s always something to go to and be entertained for a few hours, all while supporting your friends and fellow Highlanders.

In all, I feel we need to be more supportive. It’s something that’s definitely lacking on campus, whether we realize it or not. The players will feel the backing of the student body and in return will result in more wins. So go to games, show support and experience RU the best you can.