Otakudon: 5 reasons you should try out RU’s anime club

Did you know RU has an anime club?

Not many people do. It’s not widely advertised. That’s a pretty sad thing, because the Otakudon (or the “anime fan dojo”) is actually a pretty awesome club, if you’re into anime, or even if you aren’t. Here are five reasons you should try it out that have nothing to do with anime.

1.) You can get tons of volunteer hours by getting involved with the anime club.

How can you get volunteer hours from an anime club, you ask? The anime club participates in a lot of cultural events, like the Fair of Nations and the International Banquet. They do qualify for volunteer credit, depending on what you’re doing. You can contact the Anime Club’s sponsor for information about individual events.

An example of an anime graphic. Image from Creative Commons.
An example of an anime graphic. Image from Creative Commons.

2.) The anime club provides opportunities for social interaction for people who are more introverted.

RU’s anime club is filled with tons of nerdy, introverted people. If you’re a new student who’s not into the greek-life scene and wants to make a few friends along the way, then the anime club is a great way to go.

3.) There is no drama.

The “no drama” thing is actually an unofficial rule of the anime club. Drama isn’t looked kindly upon in the anime club, which is particularly nice if you only go to anime club to relax after a long week. Even if you do get into some drama with people who are in the anime club, the club president usually does a good job of keeping that kind of stuff away from other people.

4.) The people are fantastic.

They seriously are. The members of the anime club have formed a community full of anime-lovers and nerds alike. They don’t judge you if you’re nerdier than the average person, or if you’re a little more socially awkward than your peers.

And finally…

5.) Lots and lots of shenanigans ensue.

Going to anime club every Friday evening is a riot. Sometimes it gets a little loud (just ask the custodians of Russell Hall, for instance), but it’s always in good fun.

Anime club is held in Russell 113 on Fridays from 6pm-11pm, so come on over and give us a try! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.