BTO vs. Pinkberry: Radford restaurant reviews

BTO Self-Serve Yogurt is quite popular among Radford University students, but does it actually deserve its reputation?

Mmmmmmmmmm. Photo from Creative Commons.

The answer is maybe, depending on what you’re looking for. BTO does have good frozen yogurt, and it also provides a hangout place that’s off campus and alcohol free; but the yogurt at BTO is comparable to the yogurt at Pinkberry in both price and quality.

Don’t get me wrong — I love hanging out at BTO during exam week. Most students stay on campus or in their apartments during exam week, so BTO usually doesn’t have much business at that point in time. It also has better Wi-Fi than Crumb & Get It, and it’s closer to campus as well.

But the truth of the matter is, their product isn’t really unique, and you can get pretty much the same thing at RU’s yogurt place, Pinkberry. BTO has more flavors and more toppings, but the flavors aren’t necessarily better than the flavors you can find at Pinkberry. While the toppings BTO provides give a wider variety than the toppings provided by Pinkberry, they’re not enough to make BTO the better choice, particularly if you think about the inconvenience that’s incumbent in going off-campus to get yogurt.

BTO is a little bit cheaper than Pinkberry, so if price is an issue you could consider using BTO as a decent hangout spot. The aesthetic at BTO is nice — very calming, very sleek, just what you’d expect from a yogurt place. The seating is quite comfortable, which is one thing BTO has over some of the other places in Radford, such as Crumb & Get It or the local Subway.

BTO does deserve its business. It’s a pretty decent place to hang out, it’s comfortable, and the yogurt is decent– but I wouldn’t suggest making a habit out of going to BTO if you don’t particularly like it, because you can get a similar product at Pinkberry.