Weekly Time Wasters: Werewolves and jihad

How many ninjas could you take on at once? Have you ever marveled at the destructive glory of a nail gun? Do you know how Dr. Evil got his start? There questions answered and a special musical guest to boot on this week’s Time Wasters. You know, with the weather now I should be telling you to read no further and go play outside. I won’t do this because, well, I want you see these clips but after you’re done reading this go enjoy spring.

What is the difference between a good prank and theater? Less than you would think as it turns out. What if Seth Rogan turned into a werewolf in your taxi?


This clip only reiterates the new found respect I have gained for nail guns after the watching “Evil Dead”. Can’t afford a gun? Get yourself a freaking nail gun.

Naturally, your main fear of things unseen should be velociraptors, but coming in as a close second is another silent killer: the common and rarely unarmed ninja.

The Taliban has never been more adorable. Introducing fun-sized jihad.

As an amateur busker myself, I have a huge appreciation for street musicians. The best acts are the ones that are outlandish enough to really catch your attention like this guy and his one man band.

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