Bikini clad and proud

If girls want to tan on the quad, they have that right to do so! Photo from Creative Commons.

Walking to class, I overheard several women comment on the same subject: other women. This is something I hear almost daily: girl on girl hate. Really, there isn’t a point if the other person isn’t hurting you, but women seem to make girl on girl hating a sport. They don’t just chat negatively about other women, but call women derogatory names like “slut” and “whore” simply because they are lying out in their bikinis. I suppressed the urge to yell, “Do you not realize how hot it is? If they want to strip, let them and don’t say a damn thing about it!”  Instead, I tuck my head down and head to class.

Truthfully, I hadn’t noticed the scantily clad women scattered like a warning sign signaling the arrival of spring. After my class, I went for a walk and realized just how many barely-clothed women were embracing the heat. Instead of being offended that they were showing off their feminine curves, I had two completely different reactions than the ones I was hearing from women all day.

First of all, I noticed that just as many men, if not more, were also strutting around half naked, yet I had not heard one complaint all day, least of all from other men.

Secondly, a strange fondness came over me for my own gender. So many women struggle with body issues on a daily basis, so seeing women proudly showing of their bodies with no concern gave me a twinkle of hope for those I know struggling with issues.

Women can never win; they get told to love their body but are criticized by their own gender when they show confidence. This really isn’t fair. Finally returning to my room still peeved but getting over it, I logged onto my normal social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Not only do I have to hear about the “sluts” on the quad lying around “basically nude,” on my way to and from class all day, but it also took over my social websites.

“Girls, it is only April, put some clothes on.”

“I can’t believe so many girls are parading around in no clothes in the quad.” 

You know what?  It could be the middle of winter, a blizzard happening, and a girl could be playing in the snow in her bikini and I would still walk up to her and hug her for the guts to show off her body.

As much as I would love to stick to my anti-feminism views and fully believe in the stereotype that most women are dramatic, I still find this baffling and wrong. How dare a female be bashed and hated by her own gender as if there is not enough of that happening without a female joining in for no reason at all? If you want a dress code, go back to high school. We are all adults here and should, at this stage in our life, be able to handle partial nudity. The bikini clad women aren’t hurting or endangering anyone, so don’t be offended simply because their wardrobe doesn’t meet your requirements.