Weekly Time Wasters: Cybersex and other strange things

Well guys, we’re in the home stretch. One more week to go and then the dreaded finals. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching the Time Wasters every week as I’ve had making them. This will be the last installment of the Wasters of the year and unless one of my fantastic writers picks it up in the fall, the last one ever. I’m leaving my section in the very capable hands of my second in command, Brandon Leatherland, who will also be taking the reigns of Radcentric. I wish you all best and luck on your exams–make sure you come back in the fall for more exciting articles, reviews and exclusive content that will rock your socks off. Cheers.

This may be one of the greatest stories I have ever heard, and the fact that it’s animated like “South Park” doesn’t hurt. If only school trips like this were still a thing.

Welcome to the future. We may not have hover cars, but who needs hover cars when you have cybersex undies? You read that right. New from Durex comes the next generation of camera sex. Once this tech goes open source, things are going to get weird.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. That is to say there are some things that are harmless but I could have gone my whole life without seeing. This video isn’t graphic, NSFW or whatever it is you think I’m implying; it’s just a little too realistic for my taste.

Things that I have learned from this video

1) What the Old Navy mannequins do on their days off

2) Japan is really freaking weird

3) Sunday is a boring day


When you think of the craziest country, especially after seeing the last video, you’re probably thinking of Japan or North Korea. You would be correct, but as it turns out Great Britain has a crazy streak of its own. The best thing about this is how it got started.

I found this clip while researching religious propaganda for my CORE class. I discovered that scam revivals can be as hilarious as they are infuriating. Take a look.


Benny Hinn is my favorite of the lot. Besides looking like a super villain, he has mastered the holy Vulcan grip. Amen.

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