Hungry for a good book? Try The Hunger Games

I will start by admitting that the plot in The Hunger Games is a little crazy and far-fetched. This fictional government makes 24 teenagers ranging from ages 11-19 compete in a televised killing match. As crazy as the story line is, millions of copies of this book have been sold, and it is becoming a mania with such great frenzy as to make children play their own version of the hunger games in the school’s playground. In my opinion, you should read this book (not just watch the movie on Netflix)!

I haven’t read the books yet, however the movie was fantastic. Photo from Creative Commons.

One main reason that you should read this book is that Katniss Everdeen (the main protagonist) is one of the best female protagonists that this generation has seen. This girl is selfless — she volunteers to take her sister’s place in the hunger games, even knowing that she will probably not come out alive. She’s quirky yet relatable to all different kinds of girls. She’s sassy but not rude. She really is a great role model for young girls in today’s society.

If you fell in love with G.R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones because it’s a unique idea and hasn’t been done again and again, you will love this new innovative idea of the Hunger Games. The government officials who are in charge of this game (the Gamemakers) throw random surprises at the contestants and this keeps you on your toes.

If you talk to anyone else who has read this book, they will all tell you that it’s one of those books that you just can’t put down. My sister, who despises anything that has to do with reading, couldn’t put this book down, and once she finished it (after taking a dinner break) immediately went on to the next book! Needless to say, my parents were shocked!

I know that many of the people who read The Hunger Games are also Twilight fans, and the great love triangle between Katness, her best friend (Gale), and fellow Hunger Game tribute (Peeta) keeps those mushy-gushy girls happy. Not to insult the “Twilight” movies (I have seen them all … some of them more than once), but none of the males sneak into Katniss’ room to watch her sleep.

They won’t take you long! On average, a college-level person can knock out one of these books out in a matter of an afternoon. But don’t read them before a big paper because you will not be able to set it down. Professors who haven’t read the book won’t take “I was reading the Hunger Games” as a viable excuse for missing work!

If you have already read the first Hunger Games book and haven’t been sucked into the next two books, go to the local library and check it out. While the second book isn’t as good as the first, it still has some crazy twists and turns that will keep you on edge.