Ghostbusters: the Video Game; still the ones to call

This latest addition to the Ghostbusters franchise is Ghostbusters: the Video Game. In it you play as a rookie on the Ghostbusters squad. Each member of the squad is voiced by the original characters. The game’s story is written by the original writers of “Ghostbusters”. The events that take place in the game do so two years after the second movie. The game begins with your first mission, which starts at the Sedgewick Hotel where you face off against an old foe of the Ghostbusters, Slimer. From there on it quickly becomes apparent that something is going on in New York City as more and more ghosts begin to appear and Peck tries to shut down the Ghostbusters once more.

Game Play

It is easy to see how people would expect for the game play to get extremely repetitive and boring, the majority of the game being spent catching ghosts and forcing them into traps or destroying them alltogether. The game manages to avoid that problem by the introduction of various types of ghosts who do different things and are affected by different weapons. For instance: one of the new weapons in the Ghostbusters’ arsenal is the slime blower/tether. The blower portion of this weapon is used to save people who are being possessed while the tether is used to solve a number of puzzles throughout the game. The slime blower/tether is just one example of the various new weapons and devices added to the game. Another new device is the PKE meter. When used in conjunction with the Para-goggles, it allows you to view and find paranormal activity that would otherwise be undetectable. The game itself is basically set up as a first person shooter with various quirks of its own. Instead of having a side bar to display health it can be found on your proton pack, along with any signs that your pack may be overheating. Overheating is solved simply by venting the pack. It’s like a much quicker form of reloading for a first person shooter. You will be surprised at just how long the game’s simple but extremely fun concept will have you glued to your controller as you work to discover why the ghost world appears to be fusing with our own.

The Good

The voice acting for the game is just amazing. This has a lot to do with the fact that the old cast returned to voice the characters, giving the game a very movie-like feel as you progress in the story. The characters’ interactions felt very natural and for the most part were extremely funny. The game makes plenty of references to the movies, sometimes using the same dialog while other times having past ghosts return to fight the Ghostbusters once more. The game play is among best: simple and fluid without many flaws. The computer generated cut scenes were nothing less than amazing. The amount of detail put into the game was beyond impressive.

The Bad

The main problem I have with this game is a mechanical one. While the computer generated cut scenes were beyond amazing, at times the ones built around the games storyline were less than great, even pixelated. There are parts in the game where Bill Murray doesn’t quite live up to the acting he put into the movies, but it is only a minor distraction from the game.

Final Opinion

This game is a must have for any hardcore “Ghostbusters” fan. It stays true to the characters and true to the series. More often than not the comedy in the exchanges between the characters will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Even if you are not a huge “Ghostbusters” fan, the game is solid and extremely fun to play.

My Rating: 4/5