Come to RU’s next Club Fair!

A lot of students look forward to Radford University’s club fair, a semiannual campus event that occurs at the start of each semester featuring  on-campus organizations that invite the student body, new and old, to participate and enrich their social and academic lives in college.

Local businesses also come onto Radford’s campus to show the student body what products they have for sale. Some even have samples and specially-made free stuff to offer those who visit their booths; a few provided items like water bottles, spritzers, fans and popsicles to beat the sweltering heat. There was a map to direct students to the tables they were looking for so anyone could find where they were trying to go.

Club fair is a great way to learn about the different organizations that RU has to offer and a great way to make friends! Photo from Radford University.

Those interested in joining Greek organizations could ask questions about the groups at their tables. Most Greek organizations at RU had tables available with eager members present to answer any questions students may have had.

There are many fraternities one could join: major fraternities, academic fraternities, service fraternities and social fraternities, all of which were represented at Club Fair with further information about interest meetings written on their fliers.

Getting involved on campus is beneficial for many reasons. Many new students feel a sense of isolation when first entering the university, so clubs  are an excellent way  for students to get to know others with the same interests. Clubs also provide a way for students to get out of their dorms once or twice a week without having to party or neglect their schoolwork. Joining an organization can also be a good resume-booster depending on how involved you get. Employers look favorably upon students who get involved in the basic maintenance procedures of participating in a club; it provides experience for doing similar things in an office setting, and it shows a willingness on the part of the student to take on work duties and get involved in a social setting.

So swing by next semester! If nothing else, do it for the free stuff. The date for the next Club Fair will be on the RU Student Activities portal.