An overview of RU’s Wellness Fair

Radford holds a wellness fair at the beginning of each semester. Setup can take two or three weeks to get started.

Drinking water is one significant way to stay healthy and hydrated. Graphic by Katie Sickman.

The Wellness Fair had 4 or 5 booths scattered around the outside of the Hurlburt Student Center offering massages, blood pressure readings and nutrition tips. One of the booths provided a mental-health screening, which was surprising for students who didn’t realize such screenings could be done over the space of a few minutes. The Wellness Fair provided free frisbees and bottles of water. The Wellness Fair had giveaways and a raffle for those students who decided to stay for the entire fair. By the time the fair closed up shop, it was packed full of students who were interested in knowing more about the way their bodies work.

The purpose of the fair is to raise student health awareness. College students aren’t known for being the healthiest people on the planet; it’s rare for the average college freshman to get enough sleep, let alone find enough time or money to eat three full meals a day. The nutrition and exercise tips were especially helpful; they have the power to prevent the freshman 15 and improve students’ quality of life. The Wellness Fair also stressed the importance of adequate sleep and proper hydration to proper bodily function.

The fair also demonstrated the health benefits of massage therapy. Shoulder massages have been proven to improve circulation and function of the lymphatic system, and can even speed up muscle healing. While the benefits of getting a massage wane with frequency, an occasional massage can make any college student feel more energetic and less stressed after a long week of classes.

The fair was nicely situated in front of the campus entrance to the Hurlburt Center, which guaranteed a lot of foot traffic. The location allowed a lot of students to find the fair by accident.

Come on over next semester! It’ll be worth the visit. Check the Student Activities portal around the beginning of next semester for more information about dates, locations, and times.