Highlanders Anonymous is back!

Yes, I know, I know – we’ve said this before, but it’s true! Your favorite Radford University advice column is back, and better than ever!

The reason we were out of commission for so long is because Formspring went out of business; however, they’re back with a new site! Our new site is right here.

It is no secret Highlanders Anonymous is back! Image from Creative Commons.
It is no secret Highlanders Anonymous is back! Image from Creative Commons.

Here’s how it’ll work. You, oh intrepid advice-seeker, will go to our ask.fm account (which is basically the same thing as Formspring with a different name). Three questions will be picked out from the pile. One of the Life writing staff will answer the questions. Then, we’ll post it on Whim and you’ll get to see your answers!

Now here are a few ground rules.

There are some things we at Whim aren’t really equipped to handle. Some of these things include psychiatric problems (like suicidal thoughts), illegal activities (sexual assault of any kind, theft, vandalism, plagiarism and underage drinking – drinking questions are allowed, but if you’re underage please don’t tell us), and school policy. These questions are better handled by professionals in their respective fields. We at Whim aren’t trained to handle these problems professionally.

Please don’t send us the same question more than twice. There are technical issues sometimes, so if we don’t get to your question in a few weeks it might be advisable to send us a second copy; but after that, we have seen your question and either we will get to it when there’s time, or we can’t answer it because it fulfills some of the above criteria.

Please don’t spam. You have no idea how irritating it is for our web manager to deal with the spam we get. This includes chain letters, band promos, celebrity gossip, troll-letters (which are fake letters sent to the column for the sake of attention-seeking and shock value) and product advertisements. There are better ways to go about it than sending information about your product to a college advice column. If you can’t figure out those ways, maybe you should consider a different career path.

Please don’t send us obscene questions. There’s a difference between a romantic question and an obscene one; the former is perfectly allowed, but when it crosses the latter, it might be better to speak to someone else about that. Also, please avoid too much cursing.

And last but most certainly not least, don’t be afraid to send us anything! Everything remains anonymous. We’re here to help, so don’t be afraid to ask a question!