Dalton Hall renovations: Do they actually make a difference?

The new arrangement seems very alluring to the individuals who come to Dalton for food. It’s obvious that the masterminds behind this makeover were focusing on creating a more inviting and modern food court. To achieve this goal they have added TVs, couches and round tables.

Though this change is pretty to look at, it disregards the increasing size of our current freshman class and the overcrowded lunchtimes resulting from this shrinking space and rising student body. It seems like Dalton was remodeled with the previous class-size in mind, not the current one.

Photo from Radford University.

This set up would have been great last year but because the lunch crowd has doubled, it’s hard to find a seat. It seems like adding seating to Dalton would have solved the imminent problem of incoming freshmen, though admittedly this solution would only work if the space allowed for the dining hall had been increased.

Adding a carpet to a dining hall may not have been the most well-thought-out plan in the world either. As a result, Radford University is either going to fork out a lot more money for the maintenance of the carpets, or they’re going to let the carpets get gross by the end of the semester.

The food remains largely unchanged – it’s still the same palatable but vaguely unpleasant fare that students at RU have made fun of since we can remember.

Though it’s a nice thought, the remodeling isn’t working like the university administrators wanted it to. Instead of sitting together, people snatch food, sneak it into their bags, and take it back to their dorms and apartments.

On a more positive note, if you wait until after the lunch hour, seating is a lot easier to find. Once the crowd dies down, you can actually enjoy the new room and find a seat for you and your friends. If you have nothing to do after lunch and have some time to spare before your next class, you can conveniently wait at Dalton or take a breather on the couch with a buddy. It’s much easier to congregate with large groups of people; you don’t have to shove tables together in order to make sure all of your friends get to sit in the same place.

But at the end of the day, the administrators made an effort. The renovations look really nice, and the design is really efficient. Even if you’re packed at the cereal machine with six freshmen smooshed up next to you, you have to admit…

…the containers actually give you food now.