Taylor Office and Art Supply: A cheaper place to buy school supplies

Taylor Office and Art Supply is one of the more inexpensive places where you can get office and art supplies in Radford. Taylor Office and Art Supply is located just off Main Street, right across from New River Grill – conveniently located near campus. It’s a bit of a walk, but driving isn’t necessary, and the amount of money you save is definitely well worth it.

It’s important for college students to know this, because the Radford University bookstore charges more than the retail price for school supplies. Taylor Office and Art Supply doesn’t sell textbooks, but they do sell things like printer ink and notebooks – both of which are exorbitantly priced at the bookstore and extremely valuable to the average college student. They also sell things like backpacks, office chairs, USB drives and hand sanitizer for about half the price normally sold at the University bookstore. No one wants to sell their firstborn child when it comes time to write a paper.

The service is excellent as well! Photo by Stephen Furtado.

What’s even better about Taylor Office Supply is that they sell things like paints, canvases, sketchbooks and bags for a lower price. This is nice for a variety of reasons. One, while the university bookstore does sell art supplies, they also sell them at a heavily-marked-up price. While it’s easier to get things at the university bookstore, you could wind up paying $50-$100 more than you ordinarily would, and finding an alternative art store is a possibly-expensive hassle. While Taylor Office and Art Supply doesn’t necessarily have the best selection, they do carry enough products to save art students a lot of money.

Now, some students have no choice but to buy their textbooks from the bookstore because of book vouchers; however, if you’re financially able, you’ll find it’s worth it to go to Taylor Office and Art Supply for the school supplies you need.

What makes it better is that the owners of Taylor Office and Art Supply care about their customers. They give a 10 percent discount to students because, as RU Memes noted, they know you already pay a lot of money to be here. They always greet their customers with a smile and a helpful nod towards whatever you’re trying to find.