Pebble smartwatch is off the chain

Kickstarter is a great way for new startups to gain funding in order to create great products for the world. The website hosts virtually anyone, so web traffickers can donate to see these innovative products become a reality. The most successful Kickstarter product is the Pebble smartwatch.

In fact, it’s one of the first of its kind. It communicates with your existing Android or iOS device via Bluetooth to display notifications and control apps right from the watch. The watch uses a low energy e-paper display, very similar to the display found on Amazon’s Kindle line.

It communicates with your existing Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. Photo from

The most useful applications on the Pebble are the music controller, RunKeeper, text message display, email display, caller identification display, alarm (the Pebble contains a vibrating motor to alert you and wake you up), an accelerometer (uses include flick for backlight and motion tracking) and an open SDK (software developer kit).

Android users can use the SDK to create tons of great apps that share information between the device and the Pebble. Local weather, missed display and virtually anything else that can be turned into an app. iOS devices can use the basic features, but the Pebble truly shines on an Android device.

Along with the built-in applications, you can install more via Bluetooth on the device. Applications like 7-Min Workout and Tetris add a nice middle ground between work and play.

Best of all, the Pebble is just a great watch. Due to the all-digital nature of the Pebble, users can change their watch face on a whim. There are many different designs, and users can create anything they want visually while using the standard API to make it work seamlessly.

Pebble is a wonderful product. I personally own one and I couldn’t live without it. It wakes me up, changes my music, helps me work out and gives me all my notifications without taking my phone out of my pocket. It’s the companion I never thought I needed.

Despite the overwhelming support from visitors of Kickstarter, Pebble orders were backed up for quite some time. Pebble only started shipping their product in June of 2013. It was originally supposed to ship a year prior. Pebble is also now available at Best Buy stores, but are in limited quantity. Pebble is offered in black, orange, white, red and grey, and costs $150 dollars.

4 out of 5 stars.