Radford restaurant reviews: Toscana’s Pizza

Toscana’s Pizza is one of Radford’s well-known pizza places.  My ordering experience, however, was a little mediocre.

What readers should understand is that Toscana’s a typical pizza place. It’s not gourmet, and it’s not particularly amazing, but it will suit your late-night “too tired to cook” needs.

The price of Toscana’s Pizza is no better or worse than the prices at any other pizza place in town. It’s about the same price as Highlander Pizza, but a little more expensive than Mike’s Famous Pizza. The delivery fee is also pretty typical. They have an efficient online ordering system, which is nice: the actual delivery time was about 40 minutes shorter than the site’s estimate (though I did order on a Sunday, which might have impacted things).

Decent price for a decent pizza. Photo from ToscanaItalianos.com.

Toscana’s puts way too much pepper on their pizza. In my opinion, a large mushroom shouldn’t be spicy. If you order from them, make sure the manager knows how much pepper you want on it (if you want any at all).

For another thing, the restaurant puts way too much cheese on the pizza and the cheese itself wound up tasting a little greasy. They certainly served enough – the pizza I ordered wound up being too much for me to eat on my own! The taste was slightly unpleasant and strange in my personal opinion though.

The mild-sauce wings were equal parts greasy and vaguely unpleasant, though it was hard to determine why. They were no larger or smaller than the wings you’d find anywhere else, and they were a little disgusting unless you like eating wings that are 90 percent grease.

Toscana’s does what it does well enough. College students generally aren’t looking for gourmet fare when they order pizza; it’s not terrible, it’s not overly greasy, and the most negative thing was too much pepper on my specific pizza. I likely won’t order from them again (as Mike’s Pizza is my current favorite).

I give this restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars.