Have fun and celebrate Halloween at Octoberfest!

Are you a self-described nerd? Do you enjoy anime? Do you enjoy laughing at silly things from different cultures? Are you a person who enjoys free food and cheesy horror movies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then come to the Radford University Anime Club’s annual Halloween celebration!

Octoberfest is the Anime Club’s way of celebrating Halloween and learning about Japanese culture by watching things explode.

Let loose and have fun! Photo from Creative Commons.

We watch classic movies (“Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”), some scary psychological thrillers (“Mirai Nikki,” “Akira,” or “Attack on Titan”), some good old-fashioned J-horror (“The Grudge” and “The Ring”), and silly TV shows like “Doraemon” and “Speed Racer.” Some members bring in video game consoles and play  “Silent Hill,” “Slender,” or “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” – though don’t join them unless you have a spine of steel, because if you’re anything like this writer, you’ll be in a puddle of tears in almost five minutes!

Another good point about this is that the event is catered. Asian food, like egg rolls and kimchee, is served along with delicious desserts like cinnamon buns and (occasionally) cupcakes. As anyone who attends Anime Club knows, the president doesn’t stand for anything less than delicious food.

This is an event where members let loose and have fun, so it’s usually not a good idea for younger children to come. Unlike the actual Oktoberfest (the annual fall festival that celebrates beer in Germany), there is no alcohol allowed at this on-campus celebration.

If you want more information about the date you should email the club president (Ryan Arias at rarias@radford.edu), the vice-president (Jessie Lowman, jlowman2@radford.edu), or the club secretary (me, at eclingenpeel@radford.edu).

Hope to see you there!