Writer’s Block

Writer’s block,
Wanting to write but knowing not;
What to say or how to say it,
Looking for that magic,
That minute piece of detail,
That one word,
One syllable;
It creates the piece.
Striving for something,
That will be meaningful,
What can I write?

Graphic by Katie Sickman.
Graphic by Katie Sickman.

What can I scribble down with my black and blue pens that will,
Have impact?
Words are not just words,
They carry with them an aroma,
A pungent connotation of meaning and assumption,
An author has power in words,
Weaving them together,
Sowing a collection of thoughts,
A trap for society,
Placed so that the world may stumble;
Upon the conviction of those words,
Twenty-six letters have the power to shift;
The minds of the masses,
A writer needs nothing but a message,
A plot is empty without meaning,
Authors strive for depth,
Without it,
An author’s lost;
Writer’s block
Wanting to write but knowing not.