Homosexuality “debunked” by magnets

An amazing new discovery has popped into the science world recently. A Nigerian science student at the University of Lagos has discovered irrefutable proof that homosexuality is impossible in nature–and by default, that the fight against gay marriage is justified. His findings have put him in consideration for the Nobel Prize (at least according to his colleagues). His great discovery? Homosexuals can’t exist because north and north don’t attract on a magnet. Only opposite ends attract.

Can I cut the act now? I debated sending this story over to the Science, Tech, and Health section, but I can barely even consider this pseudoscience. This great discovery uses elementary school science to compare two things that are not even remotely alike. It would be like saying that women don’t deserve equal pay because men have more muscle mass and can carry heavier things. Where’s my Nobel Prize?

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to this student because he genuinely believes he made a scientific breakthrough. I have tremendous respect for the scientific community and I can never look down on somebody who has a love for science. I’ll also go a step further and say that it is most likely a result of the environment. Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the most notoriously anti gay countries with its criminalized homosexual acts, with penalties up to 14 years in prison.

The fight against gay marriage is justified. Photo from Julian Kamar.

What bothers me is that this scientific study is being so heavily applauded in Nigeria. It’s likely to fuel ignorance and hatred for gays there. I weep for science when it can be faked and manipulated to push a bigoted agenda.

In a natural world where evidence of homosexuality has been recorded in 1500 species of animals, using magnets to debunk the possibility of it is laughable at best, disappointing at worst. I can only find peace in that the real scientific community was quick to reject this as a legitimate discovery.

It seems like this discovery was accepted so quickly because it reinforces the preconceived idea that homosexuality is wrong. This feat of “science” adds nothing to our understanding of the universe and shouldn’t have even gotten as much attention as it did.

Science should always stay independent of dogma. It saddens me to know that there’s still a large percentage of Americans who continue to believe the Earth is no more than 6000 years old although all scientific evidence proves otherwise.

Neil Degrasse Tyson said it best when he said that the good thing about science is that “you don’t have to believe in science for it to be true.” Science doesn’t have to be against religion, nor religion against science. The two can coexist and religion can change as we learn more about the universe. If you pit one against the other, science will always win (as it historically has). Science doesn’t claim to be infallible, which is why we constantly update our textbooks. If religious texts stay the same for hundreds of years, progress can’t be made.

Magnets are awesome, but this isn’t science. This is religion posing as science and being laughed at by the real scientific community. Religion and science are two completely different things and need to stay out of each other’s way if we are to make any progress in our understanding of the universe.

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