Tile: Redefining lost and found

Have you ever lost your keys, wallet, or anything else you deem important? If so, then there’s a special product for you designed by Reveal Labs. Tile is about to become the biggest lost and found community in the world.

Tile is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can fit anywhere and can be tracked via your iOS device, provided it’s Bluetooth 4.0 compatible. The Tile is a square that has both a punched hole (for key rings) and an adhesive backing that can be applied anywhere. Each Tile is bound to an account that can be shared with friends and family with ease using the Tile application. Up to ten Tiles can be added onto one account.

Definitely something to look into if you lose your keys on the regular. Photo from

There’s nothing to charge and the batteries that come with the Tile last up to a year. After that year runs out, Reveal Labs will remind you to order a replacement.

There are multiple ways Tile helps you find what you’ve misplaced. The first is a proximity sensor that you use with your iOS device to determine how close or far the item is in terms of your current location (0-150 foot range). The second involves a small speaker that can output a ring so you can pinpoint your item. Finally, if your item is lost or stolen, the user can mark it as a “lost item.” Once you mark an item as lost, all other Tile devices are activated securely and anonymously. If your item is found by anyone using Tile, a notification will appear with the location of where it was found.

Tile is another great startup funded by Kickstarter. After tremendous support from users, Tile is now in full production and pre-orders are being taken. Each Tile is $18.95; however, bundled options are available.

The concept of Tile is amazing and simple. This is the product we’ve all been waiting for and this winter, Tile will be delivered to the masses. You better hurry; supplies are limited.