A party in your mouth: Arizona, Calypso and Nantucket half-and-half teas

I love half-and-half teas.

These super-sweet drinks are a combination between tea and fresh-squeezed lemonade, and are great when you have a little money to spend. Most of these drinks are pretty caloric and should not be an everyday indulgence. They’re also less expensive than a good bottle of wine.

One of the best cheapest drinks on the market. Photo by Bria Benner.

The cheapest half-and-half tea in Radford is Arizona’s Half-n-Half Lite tea, which costs 99 cents per can. It also has the lowest calorie count, which is nice if you’re watching your weight. It doesn’t taste as good as the Calypso or Nantucket and there’s a strange aftertaste to it that’s reminiscent of diet soda (though admittedly much less severe). It’s not so much half-tea-half-lemonade as it is three-fourths-lemonade-one-fourth-tea. It’s a good drink, but I think Arizona’s straight teas are better-quality for the same price.

The mango variety doesn’t have that strange aspartame after-taste, but the blend just doesn’t work. The mango Arizona half-and-half is probably the only variety that actually qualifies as disgusting.

Delicious! Photo by Sydney Crawson.

The issue I have with the Nantucket Nectar half-and-half isn’t the taste. It tastes pretty similar to Calypso Teamonade. The only difference between the two is the price. You can get the Nantucket half-and-half at Au Bon Pain, but true to Radford University style, it sells for a ridiculous price when paying cash. If you have a flex plan, I suppose the convenience makes it worthwhile (though this is inefficient for a variety of other reasons).

You might want to put anything you get from Nantucket into a sturdy bag; if you drop the bottle on anything, it will break. Nantucket also carries juices, teas, and lemonades of various flavors.

Many people know the Calypso brand for its lemonades and they tend to be the better option; out of the half-and-half teas listed in this review, the Calypso “Teamonades” are hands-down the best. The bottles are sturdier, the taste is comparable to the highly-priced Nantucket teas, and it stands firmly in the happy place between price and quality. They carry peach, orange-and-mango, plumcot, and blueberry varieties, all of which seem to work. If you do not have a meal plan, Calypso Teamonades provide a comparable product for less and are always available at the Deli Mart.

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