Mu Sigma Upsilon: The sorority for people who feel out of place

Mu Sigma Upsilon isn’t your typical sorority.

I went to the first interest meeting thinking it would be interesting to write about. Sororities tend to appeal to extroverts because they are better suited to social events and can deal with the occasional Stepford-Wife-esque stares from higher-ranked sisters. I never had the courage to get information about any of the social sororities because I never thought they would appeal to me.

And then I came across Mu Sigma Upsilon.

I saw a flyer posted outside of the Spectrum room in Heth 045. It wasn’t a service fraternity like Alpha Phi Omega (which is basically the exception to every rule when you imagine a co-ed fraternity), or a major fraternity like Alpha Kappa Psi or Alpha Phi Sigma. I had never seen anyone wearing their letters at Radford University; maybe they were not permitted to wear letters, or maybe it was a new institution. Wondering what this group was about, I noticed the flyer said they were looking for “ladies of all flavors.”

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I shrugged and wrote down the room number where the first interest meeting would be held. “Why not?” I asked myself. At the very worst, it would be an experience I would remember for the rest of my life.

I went to the meeting with few expectations of open acceptance. What sorority would want a girl with obviously ambiguous sexual orientation and a lack of fashion sense? I felt somewhat frumpy with my bushy, unstyled perm, gym shorts, and Goodwill sneakers. This, at the very least, wasn’t making a fantastic impression.

The ladies at the podium talked about what Mu Sigma Upsilon was about, what kind of sisters they were looking for and who they were willing to accept. They are a multicultural sorority seeking women from all walks of life. They said they were dedicated to creating an environment where girls who felt out of place in modern Greek organizations could congregate, a place where they could feel like they were a part of something.

Academics mattered more than in any other organization I had been to. Intelligence was valued and they didn’t participate in hazing. Even the one-time fee of $600 wasn’t as bad as I had initially imagined. They also offered plenty of fundraising opportunities for pledges who could not afford them. These opportunities made it easier to join than sororities like Sigma Sigma Sigma or Alpha Kappa Alpha.

At first glance, it seemed like Mu Sigma Upsilon was everything I wanted in a sorority.

We are technically an on-campus organization, but we ‘re still in the preliminary stages of starting a chapter, attempting to gain members and let people know what we are about. The sisters who came to talk to us about Mu Sigma Upsilon were from the Virginia Tech chapter, which explained why I never saw anyone wearing the letters around campus.

Mu Sigma Upsilon’s goal is to celebrate femininity in all its forms – unconventional beauty, intelligence, ambition and even individualism are celebrated. I started to really believe in their ideals by the end of the meeting, and thus far I have yet to be disappointed.

I felt a little awkward at first, but I believe that Mu Sigma Upsilon will enrich my experience at Radford University one way or the other.