Radford restaurant reviews: Sharkey’s

Everyone loves Sharkey’s.

A great place to hang out! Photo by Bria Benner.

Sharkey’s is a great place for people to come around and talk about the latest happenings. They have great food, fantastic music-which you can hear booming outside on Friday nights- and a fantastic atmosphere that can only be the result of meticulous interior decorating.

But I don’t go to Sharkey’s for the social aspects; I go for the amazing wings.

Sharkey’s has big-screen TVs, which makes it a fantastic place to bring your friends and see the game. When the Super Bowl airs, Sharkey’s will be packed with students from all walks of life.

The staff is always sweet. I have yet to experience bad service from Sharkey’s, which in comparison to any restaurant i have ever been to, is downright amazing. I enjoy eating at Sharkey’s because the servers are always happy to see me. While I’m not quite the

Delicious!!! Photo by Sydney Crawson.

regular that I am at Crumb n Get It, I’m fairly certain that the servers would recognize my face even if they don’t know me by name. It’s nice to know that the servers care about you enough to remember your food preferences, such as my dislike of spicy dishes. I also appreciate that they always replace my wing order when they get it wrong.

That being said, Sharkey’s is still very crowded, particularly on the weekends and during football season. It’s not really my thing. I usually eat there on Mondays or Wednesdays just so I can be sure I’m not going to encounter a crowd of drunken football fans screaming at a television screen. Though they don’t suit my needs well, the food is still amazing and if you like a loud, vibrant environment, it might be well-suited to your needs.

I give this restaurant 4 out of 5 stars.