Best coats for the winter season

Winter is upon us.

Well, it’s not quite upon us – it’s a few months away- but it’s important to be prepared. Here are some things to consider when buying coats for the winter season.

It’s generally better to buy two or three coats for varying temperatures. Remember that you don’t want a super-heavy down coat in those weird half-cold spring months

Get a good winter coat so you will not end up like this snowman. Image from Creative Commons.
Get a good winter coat so you will not end up like this snowman. Image from Creative Commons.

and you don’t want a threadbare jacket in the middle of December. Virginia weather can be bipolar (to say the least) so it’s better to be prepared for a variety of situations.

Do you want a heavy coat? A thin coat? You can certainly get some nice things at Goodwill but, as they say, you get what you pay for. From the beginning of October to mid-November you might want to buy something lighter, such as a cotton hoodie or a light sweater. It also rains quite often around here so it’s generally a good idea to get something waterproof. The North Face offers some pretty nice coats, though they are somewhat expensive.

Another thing to consider is storage. A coat rack can swell if exposed to water for long periods of time, and Virginia’s known for being rainy during the winter. If you want to avoid this – and damage to coats that haven’t been exposed to the rain – then you can cut a hole in a trash bag and pull it over your coat hanger. It’s a bit of a hassle, but you can get a large box of them for about $7 at Walmart. Each bag should last a couple of weeks if it’s not tampered with too much.

Make sure to buy something you’ll actually wear! Nothing is worse than getting a coat that doesn’t flatter your body. Do you have a shorter torso? Get something that buttons down, as it lengthens you and makes you look taller. Are you a little curvier? Make sure to get something that’s slimmer to prevent you from looking larger or puffier. Get gloves that match the material and color of your coat. You’ll be wearing them together all the time.

What matters most is being warm and healthy during the winter season. Be careful; although not wearing a coat doesn’t actually cause illness, it can damage your skin.