Radford Restaurant Reviews: Nagoya Sushi

It can’t be said that Nagoya serves the best sushi ever, not by a long shot; however, the food provided by Nagoya’s is quite nice and inexpensive compared to the sushi you can get on-campus. It’s also much more convenient to walk down Main Street than it is to drive to a higher-quality sushi restaurant in Roanoke or Blacksburg.

It’s not a large or particularly busy restaurant compared to a place like Sharkey’s. They don’t seem to have WiFi or any kind of router available, so it’s not a great place to study if you need access to the internet. But sometimes it’s nice to just have a quiet place to yourself.

The size of the restaurant can be a bit of a problem if you’re coming in with a large group of people. If, for instance, you want to take a large club group to go out on a Friday afternoon, it might be better to get take-out and bring it back to campus. However, it’s a nice place to go out on a date with someone new, with plenty of booths and lots of colorful pictures on the wall. You immediately get a sense of energy from the place, which can cheer you up if you’re having a rough day.

Give it a try! Photo by Bria Benner.

The customer service is always prompt, friendly and cheerful. Sometimes the manager will talk to students as they eat, or wave at you if you’re a regular. I, unfortunately, can’t afford to go to Nagoya as often as I go to Crumb N Get It, but it’s still a fantastic, friendly atmosphere. The customer truly feels welcome there.

The eating areas are always clean and the food is properly cooked. I have yet to hear about any cases of food poisoning. This is impressive for any restaurant, let alone a small-town restaurant that specializes in serving sushi. If you get the chance to watch the manager cook, you can see why. Staff is almost obsessive about hygiene. The attention to details I never noticed before was astounding.

Their customer service is also amazing. Their California rolls are to die for – though if you’re allergic to wasabi (like I am) it might be worth your time to mention that to the waiter. The fish isn’t always as fresh as it should be, but it’s never gone bad. If you have a fear of eating raw fish, then maybe the miso soup might be more your style if you’re looking to eat Japanese food. They also serve some rather amazing Chinese food – they don’t deliver (sadly), but they have some of the best sweet-and-sour chicken you have ever put in your mouth.

One thing I don’t like about the restaurant is how hard it is to pick out when you first try to find it. It’s a little difficult to see when you’re first looking for it; the small, green sign isn’t very noticeable beside Sharkey’s or Crumb N Get It. It’s hidden away at first, so you have to keep an eye out for it. There’s also very little parking right at the restaurant.

I won’t say this is my favorite sushi restaurant. I won’t even say it’s my favorite sushi place in the area; that would have to be King’s Castle up in Roanoke. But it does its job well, and the managers really work hard to take care of their customers.

This restaurant gets 4 out of 5 stars.