Weekly Time Wasters: Kid President, Imgur and foxes

Fact: Kid President is back and it’s officially #SOCKTOBER.

Our favorite president uses his new video to ask his followers how they’re doing through the internet. To accompany his message, Kid President throws down some jaw dropping facts such as $600,000 is spent on Candy Crush every day!

Imgur.com is perhaps the internet’s pinnacle time wasting site, devoted to the internet’s favorite memes and .gifs. A meme is a picture with words typed on the top and/or bottom of the image, and a .gif is a short silent video that is looped so that it plays continuously. This website provides hours of laughs and is continuously producing new content thanks to all of its users. Here’s the link for all of you time wasters out there.

What does the fox say? We all know that the cow goes moo, and the dog goes bark, but what about the fox? This outrageous music video gives a number of absurd things the fox may say.