Xbox: The One you want

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s contender in the eighth generation of video game consoles, and the successor to the coveted Xbox 360 console. The Xbox One was unveiled to the public on May 21, 2013 and was dubbed the ultimate system for the new generation. The One is considered Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment system, the coveted center of your living room life.

The One has an impressive arsenal under the hood. It contains a 64 Octa-core AMD Jaguar processor that will be the heart of the system. An AMD Radeon video card will power the graphics, capable of producing stunning HD quality. It also comes with an impressive 500 GB HDD (hard disk drive) and eight GB of internal DDR3 RAM.

The next generation of gaming. Photo from

Besides the impressive unique features of the One, the new system is also an upgrade. Microsoft has announced that the system will have a Blu-ray drive, something the 360 lacked. The system is also meant to run on HDMI, meaning you’ll have to play on an HDTV. The One features online play through Microsoft’s Xbox Live and the option to record and stream your games online, direct from the console. Your friends will now be able to watch you play Call of Duty.

The biggest feature Microsoft announced is the ability to connect to your existing set-top box, allowing you to control everything right from the One. Even the ability to record live TV. The Xbox One can be controlled through movement and voice by the new Kinect, and will utilize Microsoft SmartGlass application to allow the user to utilize their smartphone or tablet as a second screen.

The One isn’t going one to be without exclusive titles at launch.  There will be 23 titles at launch, several made specifically to harness the power of the Xbox One. Series like Dead Rising and Forza will be seeing a One-exclusive sequel. The sequel to the old fighting game classic, Killer Instinct, will have a place on the console as well. Other release titles include Ryse: Son of Rome and Crimson Dragoon.

The Xbox One will launch on Nov. 22 of this year for $499. Don’t forget to reserve your console today!