Cycles of Mine

Fall is so beautiful. Photo by Annemarie Jones.

A single green leaf,

Reaching for the sky.

Feeling the heat of the sun.

And the kiss of the wind.

It caresses her,

Coaxes her to be free,

She lets go.


Colors blur,

Sounds blend,

Gravity whispers,

Flowers call to her,

And warm green grass embraces her.

The wind snickers.

RU honors breast cancer awareness month with a pink fountain. Photo by Syndey Crawson.

A single blossom shatters.


Cold air isolates her,

Ripping her from her earthly home.

Dragging her up into the gray foreboding sky

Icy rain drains all color,

And reverberations drown.


Torn against needle branches,

Chipped and crumpled,

Gravity cackles.

A single brown leaf,

Falling to a barren tomb.