Double standards you’re probably guilty of

Ever get sick of hearing the words “double standards?” It’s okay for a guy to hang out with his girl friend, but don’t you girls dare think of another guy. You fall asleep on a boy while texting and get chewed out, yet you don’t get a response for hours because he was playing GTA V or COD with his ‘bros.’

This is the kind of thing that really gets under my skin. Why is it okay for your guy to do something, but as soon as you start thinking about the same thing all hell breaks loose? Makes sense, right? Ha, no.

So it’s Friday night and you want to go out and dance. Your guy says “whatever, fine, that’s cool.” In reality, of course, he’s pissed. He thinks it’s fine for him to go drink with his buddies–but as soon as you have a drink, you’d think someone shot him. Alcohol is only bad if you put it in your system, but you should let him drink because he’s a dude and can “handle” his alcohol.

Is it really complicated? Image from Creative Commons.
Is it really complicated? Image from Creative Commons.

When a girl wants to go out and dance, it’s probably because she literally wants to dance. Dancing is a good way to relieve stress and get life off your mind for a while. But seriously, guys? Stop thinking that if a girl dances with you, she wants to have sex. Incorrect. A girl sees a guy asking her to dance as just that; a guy asking a girl to dance is like asking her to have sex. That doesn’t even begin to make the slightest bit of sense. Just don’t go there guys. Don’t do it.

While on the subject of sex, what’s up with the double standard there? A guy sleeps with five girls and “he’s the man;” every dude wants to be just like him. He’s a pimp. If a girl’s slept with five guys, she’s a dirty whore. Seriously? That girl shouldn’t be labeled. Don’t call a girl something you wouldn’t want to hear applied to your mom.

We all like to speak our minds at some point or another. Riddle me this: when a guy speaks his mind or says how he feels, he’s just being a man. When a girl does it, she is labeled stuck up and doesn’t care how anyone else feels. Why do we have to have these double standards? In reality, we’re all just people. If you were a girl, how would you feel being treated the way we are? Next time, take a deep breath and think–before another double standard starts another fight.