Highlander Festival: Once a year, and a ton of fun to boot!

The Highlander Festival is an annual event that many Radford University students look forward to attending.

Upper left: fried oreos, upper right: medallion, bottom: Moffett Quad. Photos by Annemarie Jones.

Various merchants from surrounding areas come to the festival in order to sell their products. Many of the products derive from Scottish, Irish, and Celtic culture. There was a traveling cart that sold various paraphernalia for Wiccans that had been all over the country, as well as a baked-goods cart that has a headquarters in Tennessee. Gerry Timlin, a talented folk singer with a lot of training, started coming to RU’s Highlander Festival 18 years ago and has been a main performer ever since.

Many local businesses were also represented. Lamour’s, the popular clothing and jewelry shop, had a stand located towards the very back of Moffett Quad and Due South BBQ, located in Christiansburg, served their absolutely fantastic barbecue during the entire show.

Many student-run clubs sold merchandise as well. The Ceramics Club sold hand-made pots and bowls, all of which were dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Other student-run organizations sold infinity scarves, wooden sculptures, henna tattoos and face paintings, many of which were ornate and of professional quality, to benefit various charities.

Nothing wrong with men in kilts. Photo by Sydney Crawson.

The festival also featured a birds of prey exhibit; some of the birds shown were absolutely lovely, well-trained specimens with beautiful plumage and a friendly demeanor towards the people who crowded around the cart.

Gerry Timlin was on-stage for five hours; though his vocals didn’t suffer, you could see the effects of his training and practice through his unwavering vocals.

Genealogy stands allowed students with Scottish ancestry to research their clan. Some even offered delicious shortbread.

“It’s a lot of fun to go to,” said Kirsten Basham, a 19 year old sophomore. “I liked seeing the birds and stuff.”

“Well I really liked the food and the variety of vendors they had this year,” said Caitlin “Bobbie” Whited, a 22-year-old senior at RU. “The best part is the bakery goods, very yummy.”

Highlander Festival is a wonderful experience with a vibrant market-life that allows you to experience Scottish, Irish and Celtic culture.