Weekly Time Wasters: Your grammar sucks and so does the government

If you’re tired of your schoolwork or happen to be a grammar Nazi, I suggest watching “Your grammar sucks” on YouTube. Under the YouTube channel Jacksfilms, “Your grammar sucks” has numerous videos that laugh at the often erroneous spelling and grammar of people who leave comments on YouTube videos.

In relation to last week’s post about Imgur.com, Radford University has a Facebook page devoted to RU Memes. The page pokes fun at the daily life and struggles of RU students.

With the government shutdown lasting more than two weeks, it’s only fitting that “Saturday Night Live” has begun to use it as a comedic outlet. It’s better to laugh at something than let yourself get disgruntled by it. A few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus hosted “SNL,” marking her biggest public appearance since her erotic performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Early in the Saturday night special SNL aired a video that mimicked Cyrus’ music video “We Can’t Stop” but used it to make fun of our elected officials in Congress and their clear incompetence. If you’re tired of worrying about the government and this country’s future, why not laugh about it?