Foamapalooza: A wonderful party during an inopportune season

Foamapalooza: The easiest way to catch pneumonia this side of Radford University.

All joking aside, Foamapalooza was a lot of fun, even if it may have happened at an inconvenient time. For those of you who don’t know, the outdoor dance party was held on Oct. 18, from 8 p.m. to midnight. The DJ knew what he was doing; most of the songs were well-known dance anthems, and he even got the crowd involved in Dance Battles. At the top of an inflatable pit was a foam machine, which produced tons of suds that rained down on the audience. The bubbles that drifted up into the sky looked somewhat like stars. It was quite lovely, and the foam added a nice touch.

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However, holding this kind of event in the middle of October probably wasn’t the best idea.

The foam pit was freezing and only got colder as the dancing continued. Most people wound up taking off their shoes to prevent the suds from staining, though it would likely have been better to leave them on. The foam sometimes towered over the audience, covering anyone who was unfortunate enough to stand in its way.

The pit left everyone soaked from head to toe. Few members of the audience were able to keep themselves from shivering in the frigid October air; if there’s a cold outbreak, you know why. I’ll be surprised if I make it to the end of the week without a raging case of bronchitis.

Even one of the volunteers overseeing it agreed that holding this event in the middle of October wasn’t the best idea; the entire reason it was held this Friday instead of at the beginning of the semester was due to unforeseen scheduling issues. Even though I was freezing cold, I found it fun and exciting, a stimulating diversion from the normal routine of day-to-day life. RSpace plans to hold similar dance parties after it warms up next semester, so keep your ear to the ground for them to be announced!