Octoberfest: Scary, dark and tons of fun!

This year’s Octoberfest, which occurred on October 18th, was a lot of fun!

Admittedly, the food wasn’t what other members of Otakudon were expecting; the Asian food usually received for the celebration was replaced by sandwiches, chicken tenders, nachos and casseroles. The food was delicious, but a little disorienting because members expected Asian foods.

BOO! Did I scare you? Photo by Sydney Crawson.

The Bonnie combo room was split in half so people could enjoy whatever form of “scary” entertainment they chose. One section of the room was devoted to Asian horror. Most of this year’s selection was Korean horror, though of course there were plenty of classic Asian horror selections (like the original version of “The Grudge” and “One Missed Call,” or a really scary Japanese horror movie called “Spiral”). It wasn’t all serious; a few were cheesy in ways that only horror movies can be, with strange, off-the-wall plots, gratuitous gore and unbelievable characters. Many of us weren’t sure whether to laugh or be terrified.

Lit up! Photo by Sydney Crawson.

In the adjacent room, there were numerous consoles set up where students could use the projection screens to play horror-genre video games like Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space. The students who wanted to play games on their own computers sat down next to any of the various outlets, opened up their laptops and played video games on their own.

At the end of the food table were numerous bottles of theater makeup. Many students who didn’t bring costumes painted their faces instead. Many of the others kept their face paint on throughout the night, which led to some hilarious results as the event wound down.

Octoberfest was sponsored by RUScared and the Otakudon (RU’s Anime Club). If you’re interested in attending anime club meetings, or just want more information about future events, contact either Erin Clingenpeel (eclingenpeel@radford.edu) or Ryan “Rex” Arias (rarias@radford.edu).