Matisyahu comes to RU on Nov. 6

Matisyahu event poster. Image from Rspace's Facebook.
Matisyahu event poster. Image from RSPaCE’s Facebook.

On June 30, 1979 Matthew Paul Miller, later known as Matisyahu, was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. As a young man, he attended Hebrew school while being raised a Reconstructionist Jew. During his later years of schooling, he spent two months in Israel. This experience greatly influenced him, as he was able to experience the culture he’d grown up learning about.

Miller has been singing his unique reggae style in the music scene since 2004 when he signed with JDub Records. For his musical career, he created the stage name Matisyahu. The record company gave him a platform to climb from as he continued to improve his music and increase his fan base. In 2006, the live version of his song “King Without A Crown” reached the top ten in Modern Rock Top 10. Later in 2009, his song “One Day” received national publicity when NBC used it during their advertisements for the upcoming winter Olympics.

Matisyahu’s newest album, Spark Seeker, was released in 2012 and is currently #7 on Billboard’s top reggae albums.

Matisyahu will be performing in the Bondurant Auditorium from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. on Nov. 6. Tickets will cost $15 for RU students and $25 for the general public. However, RU students will want to get their tickets ahead of time because all tickets will be sold for $25 on the day of the concert.

This is his hit song “One Day.” The music video helps to expand upon his spiritual and soulful brand of music.

“Sunshine” is also one of Soul Seeker’s top hits.