From Our Perspective: St. Albans & Obamacare

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Does St. Albans exploit mental illness? Photo by Stephen Furtado.

After going through a huge list of names, we finally settled on a name for our staff chat podcast. Throw down your balloons and confetti, and welcome the return of From Our Perspective with a new twist.

In this episode, we discuss the idea that St. Albans exploits mental illness for a Halloween scare, and we debate multiple angles of rhetoric concerning the Affordable Care Act.

We had a blast recording this podcast and we hope you enjoy the first of many discussions about current events and Radford goings-on. If you’re clicking in from RU Memes, be sure to like Whim on Facebook for an update on part two. Leave a comment for other campus events we should cover on the show and we’ll give you a shout-out during the next podcast!