Pokémon X and Y: A fresh start

The Pokémon series has warmed the hearts of many gamers since the 90s. A percentage of our youth from 1998 on was spent attached to our Gameboys, trading off monsters called Pokémon kept in tiny spherical devices. The goal of the series was to catch and train these Pokémon, battle your way to the top of the Pokémon League and become a Pokémon Master (an elite Pokémon trainer).

The craze started with 150 species of Pokémon. In Oct. 2013, The Pokémon Company and the developers at Game Freaks have released the series’ sixth generation of the game entitled Pokémon X & Y. This installment brings the species count to 718 or so.

Pokémon X & Y brings players to the beautiful region of Kalos, home of many different species of the pocket monsters.

The covers of Pokemon X and Y. Image from oprainfall.
The covers of Pokemon X and Y. Image from oprainfall.

The game is the second of the series to take place in a region based on a country other than Japan. Kalos is divided into three regions which you can explore using either your bike or your roller blades. In each region, you can catch, train and bond with your creatures.

The game is also the first to be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. In doing so, Pokémon X & Y utilizes a new 3D engine which brings the game to life. Instead of the old overhead view, X and Y’s camera pans and zooms depending on where you are. Pokémon battles are no longer static; the camera now pans around the area and illustrates fully-animated 3D models.

Other new mechanics include the new Mega Evolution and the ability to interact with your Pokémon via the 3DS touch screen.  Mega Evolutions are temporary evolutions that bestow a new form to various Pokémon, giving them an edge in battle. Pokémon Amie allows you to interact with your team; you can now pet and feed them using the 3DS stylus! The game also introduces a new fairy-type species.

For fans of the series, Pokémon X & Y gives the user a fresh look at the game. This generation re-imagines the series while developing ideas that keep long-time followers wanting more. Pokémon X&Y is truly a new generation, paving the way for a bright future for the Pokémon series.

Pokémon X & Y gets 5 out of 5 stars.