Student media represents itself at a CORE 101 panel

Freshmen learned about student media at a student media panel on Oct. 24.

The Tartan is RU’s printed newspaper. Photo from The Tartans Website.

The student media panel was an opportunity for two campus productions – Whim and the Tartan – to represent their organizations and recruit new writers.

Students in various CORE 101 classes were allowed to pose questions to the executive staff members from each publication. The panel received many questions, such as the alliance between RU Memes and Whim, as well as the content of each publication.

Exit 109 provides a good way to get published.  Photo from Radford Univeristy’s website.

Executives from Whim talked about the benefits of having writing credits on a resume and the benefits of long-term participation in an organization during college. Radford University provides many opportunities to get involved on campus, and for many students, campus activities provide a way for students to bridge the post-college experience gap. Employers look favorably on students who have work experience, as it proves that they have time-management skills and the ability to work with a team within an authoritative hierarchy.

Whim is RU’s online newspaper. Photo from RUWhim’s website.

Student media provides a fantastic way for students to prove that they’re effective writers. Journalism students especially benefit from joining a student media publication, because a larger clip file helps students gain jobs in the real world.

There are numerous student media publications; Whim and the Tartan are the two journalistic publications available on campus. The Beehive, published biannually, is the student yearbook. If you’re creative, Exit 109 provides a good way to get published in a literary magazine. All the publications provide excellent editing experience which is something that bolsters the resume of any college student.

The event was arranged by Dr. Michelle Ren, an English and Women’s Studies professor who also teaches CORE at RU.