Paperwhite power: A glimpse at the new Kindle

Amazon has graced us with many products and services over the years through their online store. However, when they announced that they would be building and selling their own products through their highly popular website, the skeptics went crazy. Their e-reader, the Kindle, shocked and dazzled people who truly love books. Later generations incorporated touch screens, wireless services and that oh-so-nice backlight.

Amazon has now released the latest generation in Kindles: the Kindle Paperwhite. Photo from

Amazon has now released the latest generation in Kindles: the Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite offers a crisp white background that complements its e-ink technology to give book lovers exactly what they’ve dreamed of for a decade.

The Paperwhite offers readers a brand new way to enjoy books using an all-new screen and light process. The device uses a capacitive touch screen that has 62 percent more pixels per inch than previous generations of Kindle. These models use a new front light that utilizes LED technology through a thin, patented light guide. This allows the screen to have tremendous contrast between the black text and white background which can evenly distribute light. It also helps reduce weight and increase battery life (up to eight weeks to be exact). Another great aspect of the display is its ability to block outward light lunike other tablets and e-readers. The device only lets light in to allow a more comfortable experience.

By far the biggest feature of any Kindle device is the Kindle Bookstore. With hundreds of thousands of books for under $10, and the widest selection available, it’s a clear decision as to why someone would choose the Kindle line. Most books download in under 60 seconds and can be accessed via Wi-Fi. For those constantly on the go, Amazon offers a 3G version of the Paperwhite that connects right out of the box. The user can rest assured that there are no monthly fees or contracts associated with the 3G connectivity on Kindle since Amazon pays carriers for the service.

The price range of the Paperwhite hits home, being available to more people with its $120 price tag for the Wi-Fi version. The 3G version costs $20 more and with no fees or contract, it’s obviously the best solution.

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