Lamour’s caters to college students

Lamour’s is a popular shop on Main Street that sells a variety of items: rings, clothing, purses and materials used for hemp knitting.

You have likely seen the owner selling merchandise outside the Bonnie. She brings her dogs, which often attract many people. She’s one of the sweetest people on the planet. Even though she’s not a local (she’s from California), she knows many of her customers by name and treats them with respect and compassion. Returns – even returns that happen because of silly mishaps or an unknown copper allergy – have a no-questions-asked policy unless the product itself is damaged. She gives you full store credit for everything you have to return, and if the problem is a lack of equipment – like, say, with the incense she sells – she’ll direct you to stores that sell the equipment.

Lamour’s is a popular shop on Main Street that sells a variety of items. Photo from Lamour’s Facebook Page.

What’s even better (especially for you knitters out there) is that she sells hemp twine for do-it-yourself products. Her hemp is not the yucky, brown-colored hemp, or poorly hand-spun hemp that dissolves when you try to wrap it around a needle; she sells colors like pink, blue, lavender, yellow, and black.

Hemp is an amazing alternative to wool yarns, particularly if you suffer from allergies. Many people pay a lot of money for items made of hemp. The brand she has isn’t ideal for all types of knitting, as it’s a little rough on the hands and hard to wrap around multiple fingers; however, it does work well with styles like crocheting.  If you’re a vegan, hemp is an alternative to wool, but you’d be better off using cotton, polyester or bamboo yarns, as hemp is rather expensive.

She also carries many products that Neo-Pagans and Wiccans can use, though most of them aren’t advertised for that purpose. For instance, she sells incense, which many people use to make meditation more effective, as well as quartz crystals and various other objects.

Lamour’s is very new-age and alternative in style, which explains its popularity among the larger student population. The owner of the shop is very energetic, so she can relate to the students.

Though many of her products are locally made, some of them aren’t easy to care for. Many of them require hand washing (like the flowing skirts). There isn’t a wide selection of things to choose from, so replacing it if it winds up in the wash by accident is difficult. The incense isn’t good for meditation or relaxation purposes, particularly if  you’re allergy-ridden; many of the “calming” scents have a strange undercurrent to them, and there’s a disappointingly limited variety of sweet scents.

Every student should go to Lamour’s, or at least stop by the booth and pet the owner’s dog. If anything, you might find a good scarf.

This store gets 4 out of 5 stars.