MTV’s “Awkward” is back

This show follows the life of Jenna Hamilton, an awkward teenager trying to wrangle her way through high school with as little embarrassment as possible.

Throughout the first two seasons, Jenna struggled with deciding which potential love interest she wants to be with. There’s Matty McKibben who, despite wanting to hide the fact they slept together from the whole school, has a sudden change of heart and realizes he’s desperately in love with Jenna. Then there’s Jake Rosati, a sweet guy who’s there for Jenna when Matty breaks her heart and is also Matty’s best friend.

Jenna spends most of the second season figuring out who she belongs with. Finally, she realizes that Matty is the one for her and, being the gentleman he is, Jake accepts this with his pride still intact and goes on to date Tamara (Jenna’s best friend) instead.

Currently in its third season, “Awkward” has returned and is more dramatic than ever. Things seem okay between Matty and Jenna, and while Jenna is trying to discover who she really is as a person, she meets a handsome young man named Collin Jennings in her creative writing class.

Jenna, the main character from the show. Image from MTV.
Jenna, the main character from the show. Image from MTV.

She tries to deny the fact that she’s attracted to him at first. She avoids him at all costs, turns him down anytime he attempts to flirt with her and continues to battle constant thoughts of him. After having a small argument with Matty which leads to him going to their close friend’s party and Jenna staying at the party Collin is hosting, she spends more time with Collin, who continues to put her under his spell with his good looks and charming personality.

When Jenna decides to follow Matty to their friend’s party, Collin offers to give her a ride. Before she can get out of the vehicle, she is overwhelmed with feelings and leans in for a simply undeniable kiss. Matty, meanwhile, is walking around the party looking for her, and is there when Jenna finally gets out of Collin’s car.

This was where the first part of season three stopped, and now “Awkward” is back with part two. Only two episodes have aired since the show’s return on Oct. 22, but they have been absolutely packed with drama.

Jenna decides to begin a relationship with Collin behind Matty’s back, and they’re constantly sneaking around on school grounds to see each other. With an intricately-planned secret surprise party for Jenna’s birthday, the teen thinks she will be all alone for the night when Collin shows up at her door with a present. Jenna makes it clear that she wishes to stop the relationship and Collin wholesomely agrees to that, but in the end, they are kissing and backing further into Jenna’s house, until all of her friends, Matty included, jump out for a “Surprise!”

And a surprise it was. Jenna was forced to choose between Matty and Collin. She chooses Collin, telling Matty that she can no longer be with him when she knows he’ll always wonder if this Jenna is the same Jenna he first fell in love with. The rest of the season will revolve around Jenna now openly dating Collin, and how Matty and her friends will be dealing with that.

Although the show has a silly premise, the plot is addicting and the characters are real and funny enough to keep you watching. “Awkward.” has a new episode every Tues. night at 10:30 p.m. on MTV, and has the precise combination of laughs and gasps to keep you coming back every episode.