Do you always have a Plan B?

It’s funny how people don’t understand what others go through. People don’t want to understand. I find it so odd when a guy looks at a girl and says, “You forgot to take your birth control? How could you forget something like that?” before getting pissed off and walking away. He’s not the one doing something to prevent pregnancy and the girl is the one doing something that he also wants.

Birth control isn’t always used for sex. Photo from Fox News.

Guys, you just don’t get it. Girls take birth control, obviously, to control the conception of a baby — hence the name. Don’t act like you’re taking precautions when you decide not to use a condom because your girl is on birth control. Birth control isn’t such a big deal these days; everyone’s doing it. Don’t judge a girl who doesn’t see birth control as a necessity, and don’t judge a girl who takes it. Birth control isn’t always used for sex. It can help regulate menstrual cycles, lessen the harshness of menstrual cycles and help with acne.

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that can be used when some form of birth control has failed or you had unprotected sex. People think that this isn’t such a big deal, but when a guy gets too “into the moment,” he doesn’t ask the girl if she’s on birth control. He expects her to take Plan B the moment she can get it.

First, Plan B is expensive — so guys, don’t ask girls to take it if you don’t have the decency to offer to pay. Secondly, it’s a massive dosage of hormones, which can make girls ill. Lastly, what goes on in a girl’s mind when she has to take Plan B is something that you’d rather not hear about. You don’t understand that it’s not just a pill to take. Girls don’t want to feel ashamed because they took it, so don’t look down on them for a shared mistake.

Don’t even get me started on this abortion pill. Guys, I get that you think you have a say — and in some cases when you have actually been with the girl and you want to be together you might — but don’t. It isn’t your body. If she asks for your opinion, voice it. If you think you have something helpful to contribute to help her decision, say it. Don’t believe you have the right to make a girl take something like this. It’s her body and her life. Not only does this have a massive effect on her physical body, it can hurt mentally. Guys, start thinking before you act. I know it sounds like a hard concept, but try it. You can save yourself a lot of fights, disappointment and money if you just take steps toward prevention.