I need Ghosts in my life

Infinity Ward is at it again with their Call of Duty franchise, this time with a whole new futuristic storyline. Call of Duty: Ghosts has sold one billion dollars worth of games within a 24 hour period, but there’s much hesitation about purchasing the game with the eighth-generation consoles on the horizon. The story line behind Ghosts revolves around the main character, Logan, who’s in the middle of an attack caused by an enemy called the Federation who hijacked a weapons satellite.

The Ghosts, an elite team comprised of US military’s remnants, use stealth and wit to overpower enemies. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, the team is pitted against one of their own, a former ally and team member named Rourke. The campaign is a vast, action-packed narrative, the likes of which have not been seen since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The storyline is immersive and compelling,

A man reaching out to safety. Image from Youtube.
A man reaching out to safety. Image from Youtube.

especially with new features such as having a dog companion to execute enemy targets. While this is well and good, we all know the reason most people will buy this game is for the multiplayer action.

The multiplayer experience takes a few cues from Black Ops II in terms complexity of load out versus perks. Ghosts introduces a “create a soldier,” where the player can change almost anything on his/her character. The character is then used for multiplayer levels as well as extinction and squads.

Since Infinity Ward wanted to maintain a 60fps frame rate, they limited the number of online players on current-gen consoles to 12. The next-gen, however, will recieve an upgrade to 18 players in one game. The maps in online multiplayer are so vast, it’s almost a travesty that the maximum number of players is 12 for the current-gen.

An example of a multiplayer game mode is Extinction. This game mode is an alien type multiplayer firefight similar to those in the Halo franchise. The player has to drill into hives while a swarm of aliens try to stop his efforts to destroy the hive. Extinction is co-op or solo and can be played on or offline.

Overall this game delivers constant action and better storyline. Ghosts gets five out of five stars.

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