“Thor 2” will blow your mind

I will admit, I was embarrassingly excited the first time I saw the trailer for “Thor: The Dark World” but I honestly didn’t expect the movie to be as incredible as it was.

It was quite a feat to pay only five dollars a ticket to see the midnight premiere of the movie, and that’s thanks to Radford Theatre! My friends and I all purchased our tickets early, because I had a hunch that the theater was going to fill up completely by the time the movie started and I wanted good seats. This turned out to be a good decision, as my three friends and I found perfect seats in the middle row.

Brothers till death. Photo from Talkbacker.com.

Get to the movie already? If you insist.

When it opens, we learn some Asgardian history from Odin Allfather the father of Thor and protector of Loki. Odin’s father Bor fought a great war with the Dark Elves and their leader, Malekith, for a powerful energy source called the Aether. Malekith, seeking to destroy the universe with this power, is ultimately overpowered by Bor and his army. Bor takes the Aether and says that it’s too powerful for anyone to keep, and hid it so that no one could find it.

The Convergence, a rare happening in the Nine Realms where all the planets align, causes portals to form on Earth that lead elsewhere. Jane Foster, an astrophysicist who has been looking for Thor since he last visited the Earth two years ago, finds evidence that lead her to an abandoned building.

There, Jane finds a few children who have been playing with one of the portals which has formed in a large staircase. As her intern, Darcy (and her intern, Ian) play with the portal, Jane continues to receive crazy readings that she hasn’t seen since Thor last visited Earth.

Her curiosity and hopes of finding Thor lead her to get sucked into a portal where she’s dropped onto a seemingly deserted planet with nothing but a rock towering over her. Being the human that she is, she impulsively touches it, and the Aether spills from the rock and inhabits Jane’s body.

This is where the movie picks up pace and becomes even more dramatic. Heimdall, who sees all of the Nine Realms, has been observing Jane from Asgard under Thor’s request. Only when Heimdall can suddenly no longer see Jane is Thor compelled to visit Earth to find his lover.

Essentially the plot in “Thor: The Dark World” focuses on getting the Aether out of Jane without killing her, the death of a family member of Thor and Loki and how it will bring them together—or tear them apart. Most importantly, Thor has to figure out how to destroy Malekith and save the nine realms.