Outside of Greentown

The moonlight streamed through the window and I felt its livening touch on my cheek as I lay in bed. I was beginning to sweat, just like every time before. I knew the spell wouldn’t work.

It was just a lot of hushed voices and candles that left me with a nasty cut on my left hand. I pushed the covers off and went to the window. The ringing in my ears had already started and I shook my head, pushing the convulsions down. I focused on looking out the window, out into the distance. The mountains’ shadows beckoned mysteriously.

At the whistle, I watched the midnight train race across the bridge east towards town. As I stood bathed in the pale yellow moonlight, I wondered where I would go tonight, where I would wake up. I wasn’t sure if I could deal with all the blood again. It never felt like it fully washed off of my skin.

I hunched over and gripped the window ledge as I felt the pain shoot up my spine again and spread throughout my whole body-like fire gnawing at my bones and searing my muscles. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Cognitive thought would disappear and I wouldn’t remember anything the next day. I felt the wooden ledge beginning to splinter under my clawing fingers and I carefully released it, trying to remain in control. I looked back over my shoulder toward the bed.

Two perfect blonde heads with perfect pale faces slept silently, peacefully, beneath the covers. I knew I needed to get away from them. I willed my burning limbs to move me across the room and down the stairs. I stopped in the kitchen to write a small note that I would be home soon after dawn, and silently slipped out the screen door. Being completely exposed to the moonlight just

Majestic Silver Wolf. Image from Doblelol.com.

made the burning worse.

I looked out over the fields of wheat through tear-streaked eyes and shakily

slid out of my t-shirt and shorts. Finally all the burning stopped, and the ripping started. I felt my spine elongate and my legs shorten. I fell down to all fours as my face extended into a snout and my hands became paws and all the hair grew out.

My newly pointed ears moved to the top of my head and I felt my eyes bulge and change as they became a melting gold color. Then there was nothing. Just silence as the wolf took over, and the man disappeared. Two perfect blonde heads with perfect pale faces watched silently as the silver wolf ran over the fields and towards the dark and sleeping town.